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  • Tuesday, March 21st 2017 !!LONDON!!

    Par Clea PAPPINI, publié le lundi 3 avril 2017 18:54 - Mis à jour le lundi 3 avril 2017 18:54

    Tuesday, March 21st 2017.




    We met each other at Wallingford School at 7:50 am

    After, We took the bus at Wallingford to go at our first destination ; the Natural History Museum of London. During this bus trip, the English teachers explained to us what we will do at this Museum.  They also gave us a team quiz !

    When we arrived, after a few minutes of waiting, we entered into the museum.

    It was very impressive !  To answer all the questions of the quiz we were supposed to go on different zones.

    In the museum there was a lot of explanatory videos, stuffed animals, skeletons. Everything was very playful and clear to understand.

    We will keep an image of a wonderful modern museum ! 


    • The Natural History Museum was built in 1881 (136 years ago). It is situated in South Kensington.


    Succeeding, we went to Kensington Garden in front of the Royal Albert Hall to picnic. 

    Next, we walked around the city ! It was funny.  The Euro class passed next to the Wellington Arch, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben/House of parliament.  And we arrived at Westminster Abbey ! The English teachers gave us a new quiz ! This church is incredible. 


    • Westminster Abbey was built in 960 (1057 years ago). This church was rebuilt two times : in 1517 and in the 18th century. It is situated in Dean's Yard. It is a gothic church.  All the kings and queens of England have been crowned in this place. There's also a lot of famous English poets and famous British subjects tombs.  


    We joined the bus by passing the National Gallery

    Then we tooked the bus to Camden Market. We did shopping and later we return in our exchangers house.


    • Camden market is situated in Camden Town . It is the fourth most popular visitor attraction in London ( approximately 100 000 people each weekend ) 




  • The Trip back

    Par Maël THUILLIER, publié le dimanche 2 avril 2017 19:12 - Mis à jour le dimanche 2 avril 2017 19:12

    One of the only days of our trip without rain was unfortunately the one we had to leave…

    In front of the little train station of Wallingford, our exchange families wished us a good trip and some even shed some tears.

    After our group picture, we got onboard the train to start our long and tedious trip day…

    We arrived to London and got a little free time when we bought our last gifts but for most of us it was buying one last English meal!

    We noticed as Mrs.Pellerin had pointed out during our classes that there was an important ethnic and social diversity among London’s citizens.

    After getting through the customs, we took the Eurostar, crossed the Channel and finally arrived to our homeland in Lyon.

    We took our last train for Grenoble earlier than planned and it wasn’t a bad thing because everybody came back to their families an hour early!

    We all have a thought for the British folks who were hurt in the terrorist attack.

    We also all really enjoyed the trip and will be glad to come back!

    Thomas Argoud, Lilas Chausson, Maël Thuillier

  • Wednesday: a rainy day in Oxford

    Par Manon SEVENIER, publié le samedi 1 avril 2017 19:13 - Mis à jour le samedi 1 avril 2017 19:13

    The day began well: because of a traffic jam, we had to wait for the bus one hour at Wallingford School under the rain.





    Finally the bus arrived: let's go to Blenheim Palace! yes

    We had a guided visit in that beautiful Palace. The rooms are sumptuous with many paintings. As we were late and it was still raining, we only saw the beautiful gardens through the windows...







    We ate in the bus (again because of the rain) and we went to Oxford.

    There, we had free time to go to shopping. Hopefully, the rain stopped around 1 p.m.

    After that, we visited Christ Church College where Lewis Carroll worked. This place inspired him to write "Alice in Wonderland" ( some of the scenes of Harry Potter was shot here). wink




    Then we went back to Wallingford by bus. During the travel, our teachers told us there was a terrorist attack in London. It was scaring because we were in London only the day before!

    Despite everything, we had a very nice day!!! smiley

    Paulin Melaine et Sevenier Manon

  • Saturday and Sunday in England

    Par Pauline LETOUBLON--CONILH, publié le mercredi 29 mars 2017 19:58 - Mis à jour le vendredi 31 mars 2017 20:45

    In the trainOn Saturday, we all went to the train station to go to England. We had to take like 5 trains and a tube to go up there and we were all really happy when we finally get there. In the trains, some slept, others played and watched videos or listened to music : we all had something to do !



    On Sunday we were in our families so we did different activities :

    Some of us did some horse riding and in the afternoon went to a walk in the hills and then took a cup of tea and some scones in a tea room.

    Some others went to paintball and it looked like a military campus, they were 11 playing paintball from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. Then some of them did some sniper shooting.

    Some went to Warweak Castle and they found it playful. They saw old suits and a part of a falconry show.

    For some of us, it was their exchange partner's match day, so they came to see the netball match. They ate some beans with warm ketchup : weird! Then they went for walk.

    Some others walked to discover the famous 'White Horse' in a little hill.


    It was really funny for all of us and it helped the French know more about their English exchange partners and thier families.


    Gaspard D.

    Lise V.

    Pauline L-C

  • Wednesday 1st of February

    Par Eva BOUCHARD, publié le mercredi 8 février 2017 20:39 - Mis à jour le mercredi 8 février 2017 20:39

                    My partner told me that in the morning, they went to the market which was fun to practice conversing in french. Then, they went to the international house, where a man gave a little speech and they had cake and juice which was really nice.laugh

    After that, they did a game where they had to find differents places around the town centre like statues... And her team won! That was really fun!smiley

    After, they went to the grenoble museum which was cool because there had works of art from Picasso, Matisse and other famous artists and she loves art so that was interesting!

    Then, our partners returned to school and we decided to eat to Mc Donald. But there had too many people so finally we took away and we ate in Caserne de Bonne. After that, we went to "Nature et Découverte" and "Monoprix", our partners bought trinkets.

    Then, we went to Lazer game. We were too many, so we had to do three teams and it was like a tournament. We did two games of twenty minutes. For the first game, I was 3rd on 26 and the second time, I was 5th on 26 ( I think it's not so bad laugh ). My partner, Emily, was for the first game 19th and for the second game she was 13th, she told me that it was very funny but frustrating because she was awful.

    After the Lazer game, most of us returned to the Caserne de Bonne, we drank smoothies and it was very cool!

    We laughted a lot, the atmosphere was relaxed. We spent quite a lot of time there to discuss together. Then we went back to home at 18.00 pm. Everybody said that, this day, was very cool and funny.yes




    This article is from Eva et Florine smiley


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