The Trip back

Par Maël THUILLIER, publié le dimanche 2 avril 2017 19:12 - Mis à jour le dimanche 2 avril 2017 19:12

One of the only days of our trip without rain was unfortunately the one we had to leave…

In front of the little train station of Wallingford, our exchange families wished us a good trip and some even shed some tears.

After our group picture, we got onboard the train to start our long and tedious trip day…

We arrived to London and got a little free time when we bought our last gifts but for most of us it was buying one last English meal!

We noticed as Mrs.Pellerin had pointed out during our classes that there was an important ethnic and social diversity among London’s citizens.

After getting through the customs, we took the Eurostar, crossed the Channel and finally arrived to our homeland in Lyon.

We took our last train for Grenoble earlier than planned and it wasn’t a bad thing because everybody came back to their families an hour early!

We all have a thought for the British folks who were hurt in the terrorist attack.

We also all really enjoyed the trip and will be glad to come back!

Thomas Argoud, Lilas Chausson, Maël Thuillier