Wednesday 1st of February

Par Eva BOUCHARD, publié le mercredi 8 février 2017 20:39 - Mis à jour le mercredi 8 février 2017 20:39

                My partner told me that in the morning, they went to the market which was fun to practice conversing in french. Then, they went to the international house, where a man gave a little speech and they had cake and juice which was really nice.laugh

After that, they did a game where they had to find differents places around the town centre like statues... And her team won! That was really fun!smiley

After, they went to the grenoble museum which was cool because there had works of art from Picasso, Matisse and other famous artists and she loves art so that was interesting!

Then, our partners returned to school and we decided to eat to Mc Donald. But there had too many people so finally we took away and we ate in Caserne de Bonne. After that, we went to "Nature et Découverte" and "Monoprix", our partners bought trinkets.

Then, we went to Lazer game. We were too many, so we had to do three teams and it was like a tournament. We did two games of twenty minutes. For the first game, I was 3rd on 26 and the second time, I was 5th on 26 ( I think it's not so bad laugh ). My partner, Emily, was for the first game 19th and for the second game she was 13th, she told me that it was very funny but frustrating because she was awful.

After the Lazer game, most of us returned to the Caserne de Bonne, we drank smoothies and it was very cool!

We laughted a lot, the atmosphere was relaxed. We spent quite a lot of time there to discuss together. Then we went back to home at 18.00 pm. Everybody said that, this day, was very cool and funny.yes




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