Wednesday: a rainy day in Oxford

Par Manon SEVENIER, publié le samedi 1 avril 2017 19:13 - Mis à jour le samedi 1 avril 2017 19:13

The day began well: because of a traffic jam, we had to wait for the bus one hour at Wallingford School under the rain.





Finally the bus arrived: let's go to Blenheim Palace! yes

We had a guided visit in that beautiful Palace. The rooms are sumptuous with many paintings. As we were late and it was still raining, we only saw the beautiful gardens through the windows...







We ate in the bus (again because of the rain) and we went to Oxford.

There, we had free time to go to shopping. Hopefully, the rain stopped around 1 p.m.

After that, we visited Christ Church College where Lewis Carroll worked. This place inspired him to write "Alice in Wonderland" ( some of the scenes of Harry Potter was shot here). wink




Then we went back to Wallingford by bus. During the travel, our teachers told us there was a terrorist attack in London. It was scaring because we were in London only the day before!

Despite everything, we had a very nice day!!! smiley

Paulin Melaine et Sevenier Manon